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Artful. Adventurous. Inspiring.

About Us

We are an independent creative organisation located in Tottenham, North London, United kingdom. 

The organisation is founded by Jesslyn Robert, and we have made it our continuous mission to inspire and educate the creative community. Offering informative courses, workshops, resources and collaborations with local outreach's to reach the community. The provided resources and content will enhance the skills and experience of every individual taking part in the activities provided by this independent institute. We believe that every skill taught can help enhance confidence, whatever your age. The possibilities are endless.

Joining our courses or workshops can increase your knowledge in the fashion/design/creative field and careers. From eBooks and creative courses, we can support any participants or those looking to enquire through our social channels/email and our 1 -to- 1 sessions.

'AKUNNA' derives from the Nigerian language, Igbo, meaning 'Father's wealth' and it's only right to make our students feel they are important, valued, inspired, artful and adventurous. 

"You are valuable, you are wealth."



Founder & Director


Jesslyn Robert

A qualified fashion designer and social entrepreneur born and raised in Tottenham, North London, who started an independent fashion school in 2019 that provides creative courses and workshops specialising in Fashion Design, Pattern Cutting, Garment Construction and Sewing.

She also has experience in Digital Marketing, Graphic design, Photography and Photo/Video Editing.

Using her experience, she decided to expand and launch an organisation catered to the creative community.

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