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Sewn Together

 Sewn Together is a creative organisation in Haringey,  London. They provide online, face-to-face craft workshops to build recovery, resilience and one-to-one support for 40-60 locals annually who need extra support and training in employment, education or future prospects. We have collaborated with Sewn Together for over two years teaching our signature Design and Pattern Cutting Workshops and Courses to encourage creative independence and learning new skills in the fashion industry. We have also facilitated arts and craft workshop funded by various organisations such as Clarions Housing, DWP, Culture Seeds and more.

In 2019, our collaboration with HOA, Sewn Together and other local artisans saw us win the Culture Seeds - The Culture United Award.

Pattern Cutting Course

We taught this amazing six-week course to the community to shed more knowledge of  the fashion industry and educate more locals about opportunities. This event enhanced new skills and increased employment prospects for attendees.


Tapestries for Recovery: Arts and Craft

These fun and engaging workshops highlighted everyone's creative side as many created magnificent craft work. The workshops enabled many to network with each other and explore their creativity. Additionally, it enhanced many to build their confidence and communication skills that have elevated their career prospects which is vital in every career industry.

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